Graphic Design and Illustration

Transforming spaces and objects with visually captivating elements that draw in and engage children and families. My portfolio includes illustrations, signage, infographics, brochures, maps, workbooks and other informative materials.

Playful Environments

Designing inspiring site-specific play areas that tell a story about the place and provide a scene for the child’s imagination. Can include murals, a curated selection of toys and furniture and integrated graphic.

Child-Centred Approach

Integrating the child's perspective into design to create meaningful and engaging experiences.

Expert Consultation

Offering professional advice and support to guide clients in creating inviting spaces and materials that cater specifically to children and families.

Why Book a Meeting?

Tailored Solutions – Discuss your unique requirements, and let me tailor my services to meet your specific needs.

Creative Brainstorming – Engage in a collaborative session to brainstorm ideas and concepts that align with your vision.

Project Insights – Gain insights into my design process, timelines, and how I can bring your ideas to life.