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I am Katja Mock, a passionate designer dedicated to creating magical and meaningful experiences for children and families.

Holding a MFA in Child Culture Design, a BA in Information Design, and with a teaching background in Crafts, Maths, Technical Education, and PE, along with experience as an Art mediator, I bring a unique blend of expertise to each project.

From designing playful environments that nurture creativity to creating captivating graphics that tell compelling stories, I seamlessly combine creativity with site specificity. This ensures that each space not only captivates visually but also narrates a story about the place's culture and history, transforming it into a playscape full of potential.
Have you noticed the 'J' in the logo? It's upside-down, reminiscent of how I spelled my name 'Katja' as a 5-year-old — a phenomenon many children experience known as letter reversal or mirror writing.

What makes this intriguing is the underlying cause. In research, this is referred to as mirror generalization, where the orientation of a shape doesn't matter to humans, as it didn't before the invention of writing and symbols. A spoon remains a spoon, regardless of whether we see it from the right, left, top, or bottom. As children, we have to unlearn this behavior when it comes to letters.

This serves as a beautiful metaphor for the child's unique perspective on the world. To us adults, it may not always be intuitive to understand their perception. Designing for children requires an open mind and a genuine willingness to listen, recognizing children as experts on their own experiences.



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