Am Puls

AM PULS is a proposal for the annual design month taking place in Graz, Austria, designed and conceptualized by Lisa Neureiter, Katharina Schwarz and myself. The design month involves exhibitions and events. During that time the city never stands still. A lot of visitors, not just from Graz, but from the whole country and from other parts of the world come and participate. Ideas, points of views and new trends are presented and exchanged and people connect. AM PULS is a part of the saying "am Puls der Zeit sein" which means to have ones's fingers on the pulse of the time. The slogan expresses the constant movement, whereas the aspect of the connection is reinforced by the abstract city map of Graz, which at the same time resembles always pulsating veins. The typography and the box elements were inspired by ECG screens. This creative element was used in a playful way on the different applications. For example, we designed cups with the slogan "Puls steigernd" which means raising the pulse. Our proposal consist of posters, city lights, cups, an invitation and a magazine.


Visual Communication
Editorial Design


Creative Industries Styria
FH Joanneum