hommage* is a virtual company founded by Stefanie Brückler, Klara Vith, Katharina Schwarz and myself. The core of the design studio is to combine handcrafts and analog work with modern design. To emphasise that, our logo consists of a simple lettering combined with an asterisk which can be displayed in different techniques, like stamped, punched or drawn. The asterisk refers to three slogans in place of three scopes each one in its own colour. The first one, *an die Liebe auf den ersten Druck, stands for our designs and crafts, *an die Freunde des guten Designs stands for our clients and the last one, *an das gemeinsame Ziel vor Augen, refers to our communication with others We worked for a variety of clients like a sommelière, a beekeeper and the local block party Lendwirbel.


Visual Communication


FH Joanneum