Ytter Rum

Ytter Rum transforms the fence around the ten­nis court into an interactive wall, opening up the possibilities to use this big nearly unused vertical surface. A structure similar to a pegboard is incorpo­rated in the main fence. It has two main functions – it inspires different kinds of play and it is a place to meet and share information. In this way it could be used by people with various interests and different ages. You can put your own message on the chalkboard-flag and hoist it, seek information about what the tennants association is planning, invent new ball games, find your things in the Lost&Found cor­ner, combine the holes with branches and sticks from the side to build a small shed or just hang out and feel at home. Or why don't you use it to organize a small flea market, using the holes to hang clothes? The possibilities are nearly endless...

HDK , Högskolan för Design och Konsthandverk, and Förbo, a Swedish housing company, gave us students the task to create a concept for an activity park in one of Förbo’s housing areas Björkås in Ytterby. As a group we created an identity and several events to engage with the community in Björkas.

My concept was then also developed through a series of workshops and events with teenagers and people from the area. Finally my proposal was chosen by Förbo to be built.



Spatial Design
Child Culture Design
Workshop Design
Tools for play