Sandlåda – the sandbox restaurant

What did you cook as a child?

Sandlåda is a food experience, that emerged from childhood memories and observations of children playing cooking. Often this happens in the context of the sandbox or the garden, as there is lots of shapeable material that is similar to the raw materials used when cooking. When analyzing this dishes, it became clear, that there really is not a big difference between this pretended cooking and real cooking. In the sandbox restaurant you can find this children dishes, the original versions children took their inspiration from and the child dish recreated in an edible way. On the menu there is sand ice-cream, flower-vegetable soup and mud dumplings. The dishes children cook tell also a lot about the foodscapes they grow up with, it makes it very visible how children take something out of the local or family culture and transform it into their own. Sit down in a structure similar to a sandbox – it can be the kitchen and it can be the table. It is the place where small children socialize in urban environments similar to adults socializing around the table.

Come connect with your inner child and have a dish at the sandbox restaurant!


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