In Steinen blättern

“In Steinen blättern” is a non-fictional book about geology targeting children from the age of eleven. The Bletterbach Canyon has been chosen to provide a specific and illustrative insight into a complex topic. In this geologically unique canyon, 40 million years of history are exposed, represented by different layers of rock. How did these rocks emerge and what did the world look like back then?

This book answers these questions in a child-oriented way by using the paper and threads as a means of illustration. The different layers of rock are the book’s central element and determine its structure in both content and form. The book is bound left as well as right and its pages are of different size in order to form a canyon of layered paper. The layout, illustrations, coloration and font are designed to be as simple and clear as possible to account for the ­complexity of the topic as well as the special bookbinding technique.


Editorial Design


FH Joanneum