“Lendwirbel” is an annual block party that enhances participation among the people in the neighbourhood and promotes urban development. hommage* created a new corporate design and posters for Lendwirbel 2014. The new logo is made out of the shape of the district. The word Lendwirbel is divided in three parts so that WIR, the German word for we, stands alone. The motto of Lendwirbel 2014 was “Unter freiem Himmel”, the german expression for “open air” that litteraly translates into ”under the open sky”. Therefore we designed two different posters – both of them are showing the places where the events take place. One shows birds and the sky at daylight, the other one stars and the night sky, as the events are taking place by night as well as by day.


Graphic Design


Verein Lendwirbel