Black Box

A black box or flight recorder is a small machine in a plane that records all the details of each flight. It has been developed to to analyze and understand the incident in order to prevent it – not to find the guilty one. Like it is already a big topic in aviation, this black box wants to support a shift from mere mistake prevention to mistake management in child culture.

It is a set of tools connected to a story, which empathizes with children that feel ashamed about their mistakes. The six tools support an open dialogue between children around 7 to 11 and adults about mistakes. One of them for example is Miss Take, you can write or draw the event you want to speak about on her – in order to see it in a more objective way or use her for role plays. Than there is perspective changing masks, a time-travel-tool, a tool to discuss about the severity of the mistake and a tool to remind everybody about the importance of honest listening.

All this tools should give different inputs and suggest an open mindset for a dialogue –  where it is not about judging someone.


Graphic Design
Child Culture Design